Frequently Asked Questions

Which fields can be placed in the Jira issue create screen?

A select field populated by Field Option Sync and an asset field is supported in the issue create screen of Jira. Other fields are no yet supported due to cloud limitations.

Which fields can be placed in the JSM portal view and create request screen?

All fields are being supported in the JSM customer portal and in the create request screen. For more information about field placements see also Compare Use Cases

Why is my Search Field at the bottom of the form in the JSM create request screen?

Due to cloud limitations we can only add fields at the very bottom. The positioning options are only useful for relative positioning of multiple Search Fields and Info Panels.

Why is there a limit of 2000 values in the field option sync ?

At around 2.000 entries the dropdown performance in the issue view starts to decrease drastically. It also depends on the machine you are testing it on, so make sure your user-base can use it properly. For more information about field limitations see also Compare Use Cases

Which IP’s do I need to whitelist ?

To allow external data access to your infrastructure, please whitelist the following IP addresses:



How do I access the organizations field from Jira Service Management in a context filter