The recommended way to start using Hangouts Chat for Confluence is by using the @Confluence bot from within Hangouts Chat itself and follow its instructions. Just start typing @Confluence within a room in Hangouts Chat and choose the bot from the opened autocompletion menu. Make sure to always select the bot from the menu, just typing @Confluence won’t get its attention.

You’ll be asked by Hangouts Chat if you want to add the bot to your room:

After having added the bot, it will give you instructions on how to proceed, installing the Hangouts Chat for Confluence addon and which commands it can understand.

The procedure can be repeated with any other rooms (the addon only has to be installed once). You can also open a direct conversation with the bot to configure notifications to be sent to you directly with the “Message a bot” function in the top-left menu:

As an alternative, you may also install the “Hangouts Chat for Confluence” addon immediately. In the administration menu on the left side, navigate to “Find new add-ons” under the “Atlassian Marketplace” category. Search for “Hangouts Chat for Confluence”, wait until the entry “Hangouts Chat for Confluence” is shown and proceed to “Install” the add-on. Afterwards, you can start using the addon by connecting rooms to your Confluence instance using the @Confluence bot within Hangouts Chat as described above.