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Release Notes

  • Sep 8 2023: Six new templates to access first/last comment, commenter and comment date

  • Jun 6 2023: Compatibility with Jira’s “dark theme”

  • Mar 8 2023: Support variable assignment inside blocks of Jira expressions

  • Mar 3 2023: Shorten long string values to the maximum of 255 characters instead of showing an empty value

  • Feb 25 2022: Syncing Epics with Story Subtasks can be enabled in the advanced configuration

  • Aug 13 2021: Adjust limits to new Jira expression length limit of 10.000 and node limit of 1.000

  • Jun 24 2021: The expression editor is now resizeable and supports syntax highlighting

  • Jun 17 2021: More complicated field templates now have a description

  • Jun 10 2021: 5 new field templates like “Number of stories in an Epic”

  • May 25 2021: Support list of strings instead of having to use comma-separated strings

  • May 18 2021: Support variable assignments recently introduced to Jira expressions

  • Mar 15 2021: Migration of our backend to a more scalable queue solution

  • Feb 17 2021: Update linked issues as well if any field expression is referencing linked issues

  • Aug 28 2020: 7 new fields templates now that the “changelog” is available in Jira expressions like “Number of status changes”

  • Jul 22 2020: Show any errors when updating fields on the configuration page

  • Jul 13 2020: Initial release, computed custom fields using Jira expressions

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