Sipe-IT for Jira is a handy Jira integration for the asset management tool Snipe-IT. View Snipe-IT assets directly within Jira issues. Edit the assignee and the status of an asset without leaving Jira. Get more work done and switch tools less often. 

Setting up your connection to Snipe-IT

Do you already have an installation of the asset management tool Snipe-IT? If not, you can get one here.
If yes, you can continue with the following steps to connect Snipe-IT with Jira.

  1. Go to the configuration screen:

    • Either by clicking on the “Configure” button in the app listing

    • Or under Jira settings > Apps > Snipe-IT for Jira > Configuration

  2. Enter the URL of your Snipe-IT instance and an API key

  3. Click “Check connection and save”

Follow these instructions to generate an API key in the Snipe-IT web interface.

Once you confirm the URL and API key by clicking on “Check connection and Save”, the app will check if it can connect to your Snipe-IT instance and proceed to sync all assets with Jira.

The app will sync all assets from Snipe-IT to Jira once an hour. You can also start a sync manually by clicking on the “Run manually” button in the configuration.

Add the asset field to your Jira issues

With our app you can link your Snipe-IT assets to Jira issues. To make the asset field visible in certain Jira issues you need to add an asset (custom) field. Setting up this field varies between next-gen and classic.

Next-gen Service Management project

  1. Go to Project > Project settings > Request types

  2. Click Show more > Assets in the Create a field section

  3. Enter display name (e.g. Linked assets)

  4. Save changes

Classic project

By default, a “Linked assets” custom field is created that can be added to any screens where assets are being used.

  1. Go to Jira settings > Issues > Custom fields

  2. Search for “Linked assets”

  3. Click on the  three-dots-menu

  4. Associate the field “Linked assets” to the desired screen(s)

Sometimes it happens that the custom field was not created automatically. If you can’t find the custom field “Linked assets”, you can create it on your own following these steps.

Getting help

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns. We usually reply within one working day. Your feedback and ideas help us to improve our app for you and other customers. Thank you!

Do you have questions about the asset management tool Snipe-IT? Please reach out to the support team at Grokability.