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External Data for Jira Fields

Fetch External Data to Jira Cloud with External Data for Jira Fields.

Discover the benefits of integrating external data into your Jira workflow:

  • Prioritized Security and Stability: At codefortynine, we ensure top-notch security and stability for our users. Our cloud-fortified External Data is available across multiple geographical locations. Stay informed about incidents with detailed postmortems on our status page. Learn more about our robust security and privacy strategy.

  • Unmatched Flexibility: External Data is the most versatile app for integrating external data into Jira Cloud, accommodating a wide range of use cases.

  • Recognized Performance: Experience the quality of our ITSM Partner of the Year-winning app, trusted by industry experts and professionals alike.

How our customers work with External Data for Jira Fields:

  • Enrich your issues or requests by letting your team search & select entries from a large external data set
    (presynced or in real-time).

  • Create complex and powerful dependencies between your external and issue related data.

  • Improve the JSM experience by showing external data in a create request screen.

Use a variety of data source connectors:

  • Any custom URL based API with authentication like Basic Auth,
    Bearer & OAuth 2.0.

  • Database support for PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM Db2, MSSQL or MySQL.

  • Dedicated Salesforce connector.

  • Jira instances as a data source.

  • Upload static JSON or CSV files.

Combine field types to solve complex use cases:

  • Field Option Sync – synchronize custom field options.

  • Search Field – search in and select from any data source in real time.

  • Info Panel – display custom
    templated content.

  • Dependent Field – create
    dependencies between custom fields, search fields or user context.

Frictionless integration with native Jira fields:

  • Most field types support native Jira fields as targets, which can then be integrated into reports
    or automations.

  • Filter your external data based on existing issue values.

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If you have trouble configuring your use case or if you experience something that seems to be a bug, please create a support request.

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