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External Data for Jira Fields

Thank you for your interest in External Data for Jira Fields. With the help of this app, you can sync and display external data in Jira.

Access the App

Access the configuration section via Apps > External Data. Note: To access the App, you need administration permissions on the system level.

Access the configuration over the top menu bar under Apps

Example Data

To get an idea about how the app works, we recommend watching the video above and start experimenting with the example data set which we provide after installation. This should be a good start for figuring out how to solve your specific use cases. You can remove or re-add the example data in the tab settings later on.


If you have trouble configurating your use case or if you’re experience something that seems to be a bug, please contact us at

Missing Features

You have trouble finding a use case that fits your project? Please let us know by creating a support request. This helps us priotize our new app features. Contact us at

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