Getting Started

1. Add the Quick Controller

The Quick Controller enables you to filter the issues that are shown in other Quick Gadgets.

  • Navigate to your Jira dashboard

  • Click “Add gadget”

  • Click “Load all gadgets”

  • Add the Quick Controller gadget

2. Create Quick Filters

Quick Filters are created in the Quick Controller

  • Select a field in the “Add Filter” dropdown, e.g. “assignee”

  • Configure the Quick Filter “assignee” either

    • by adding a dropdown where you can select an assignee from a list

    • by creating Quick Filter buttons for specific assignees, e.g. assignee = currentUser()

  • Save

3. Add any other Quick Gadget

All other Quick Gadgets can be filtered with the Quick Controller.

  • Add e.g. “Quick Filter Results”

  • Configure the gadget for all issues that should be visible when no Quick Filter is active

  • Save

Now you can use the Quick Controller to filter the issues which are shown in the “Quick Filter Results” gadget.

Try our demo dashboards

You can test Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards without installation on our demo dashboards.

Some features and gadgets are not available on our demo dashboards, because they can only be used for projects that are in active use or if you're logged in as a user.

Watch the tutorial videos

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