Our goal is to provide the best possible clone solution for Jira Cloud. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Your feedback and ideas help us to improve Deep Clone for Jira for you and other customers. Thank you!

How to Clone and Move single issues

  1. Navigate to the issue you want to Single Clone

  2. Click ••• > Deep Clone

  3. Configure and create your Single Clone

How to Bulk Clone multiple issues at once

There are two ways to clone multiple issues at once:

1. Bulk Clone using the Jira issue search.

  • Filter the issues you want to Bulk Clone by using Jira Issue Search.

  • Click the Bulk Clone  button.

  • Configure and create your Bulk Clone.

 2. Bulk Clone from the Deep Clone navigation

  • New navigation: Next to the “Create” button, select Apps>Deep Clone / Old navigation: Click Deep Clone in your Jira navigation

  • Click Bulk Clone in the Jira navigation on the left.  

  • Filter for all issues you want to bulk clone by JQL, a favorite filter or project

  • Configure and create your Bulk Clone

If the Bulk Clone button is not visible, expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow.

How to clone an Epic including its issues

A special case of Bulk Cloning is to clone an Epic (or Initiative) including all of its issues. Since it’s such a common use case, we’ve implemented a dedicated “Epic Clone” feature.

  • Navigate to the Epic or Initiative you want to clone

  • Click ••• > Deep Clone

  • Select Epic Clone

  • Configure and create your Epic Clone