Depending on the Google service you want to use there is a dedicated API endpoint for all of them. Make sure the API you want to use is activated and enabled in your google developer console.


The API Endpoint you want to get data from. In this example we request data from a google spreadsheet by using the following link{sheetId}/values/{range}


Endpoints are service specific URLs for receiving an access token. Auth & Token URLs are required for all services. Only some services have a dedicated revoke endpoint.

Auth Url:
Token Url:
Revoke Url:

The Callback URL is a readonly field. You need to add this url to your list of Authorized redirect URLs at your remote service configuration.


Scopes define the permission to specific parts of data. In our example we want to read from a spreadsheet. If you need multiple scopes append them with a whitespace between.

Find a complete list of available google scopes here

Authenticate Now

you can trigger the process by clicking Authenticate. This will open a new window with the service login. After logging in you need to consent to the scopes you defined earlier. The window should close again and the a green badge Authenticated should appear right below the button. Now save & test the data source to make sure everything is working as expected.