A data source defines the connection to the data you want to fetch. A data source can be used in multiple field configurations later. Variables help you to keep the data source as flexible as possible.

The app supports to following types to connect to:


To make a data source more flexible and reusable you can use variables. Those defined variables act as placeholders and can be used later in a field configuration.

A variable is defined with single curly brackets for example: {var1}

Variables are supported in the following fields:

  • URL - URL/REST, Salesforce, Local Jira

  • Post Body - URL/REST, Local Jira

  • SQL Query - database

Test Connection

After creating a data source you can verify that the connection can be established. After clicking on Test connection a test dialog appears. Here you can fill in some sample data for your previously defined variables and start the test. You get a immediate response about the success of the test and the response returned by the url.

The message shortened raw result from XXX to XXX is just a way to reduce traffic and only shortens the result only in the simulation.

Add IP’s to Allowlist

In case you need to allow an IP to let external data access your infrastructure, please add the following IP addresses to your allowlist:

Global / US:



Global / EU:



Please visit our Data Residency section to find out your region.