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Field - Trigger Field Option Sync

The Field endpoint allows you to trigger a Field Option Sync by Get request via the API. This can be useful, for example, if you external events that trigger an important change that should be reflected in Jira as soon as possible.

The general format of the API endpoints is:


Variable Parameters:

Base URL

Depending on your data residency settings, you may need to look up {YOURBASEURL} to create the endpoint URL. You’ll find the BaseURL in the Settings tab above the API secret.

Field ID

To update an existing field configuration via API, you need the {FIELDID} of the target field configuration that should be triggered. You will find this ID at the very top of the Field Configuration Edit screen (Field Configuration tab).

Limitations: (might be subject to change)

  • a maximum of 1 request within 3 minutes

  • a maximum of 18 requests within 6 hours

Example curl request:

curl -X GET \
  '{FIELDID}' \
  -u 'username:password'


Example Postman:


Method GET with generated URL:


Basic Auth with username & password:

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