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Google Spreadsheet as Data Source

Depending on the Google service you want to use, there is a dedicated API endpoint for each of them. Ensure that the API you intend to use is activated and enabled in your Google Developer Console.

For more information on what you need to set up in the Google Developer Console, visit this link.

Google Cloud Setup:

  • Configure OAuth Consent Screen

    • Navigate to APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen.

    • Include scopes such as at this stage.

  • Activate and Enable API You Want to Use

    • Go to APIs & Services > Dashboard, and then enable the required APIs and services.

  • Create Credentials → OAuth Client ID

External Data - Data Source Setup

To set up a new data source, go back to the External Data for Jira Fields app.


Define the API Endpoint from which you want to retrieve data. For instance, if you wish to extract data from a Google spreadsheet, use the following link:



Select Authentication: OAuth2

Grant Type

Select Grant Type: Authorization Code

Client ID & Secrets

Use the client ID and secret you have created with the credentials


Endpoints are service specific URLs for receiving an access token. Auth & Token URLs are required for all services. Only some services have a dedicated revoke endpoint.

Auth Url:
Token Url:
Revoke Url:

The Callback URL is a readonly field. You need to add this url to your list of Authorized redirect URLs at your remote service configuration.


Scopes define the permission to specific parts of data. In our example we want to read from a spreadsheet. If you need multiple scopes append them with a whitespace between.

Find a complete list of available google scopes here


Authenticate Now

To initiate the process, click on Authenticate. This action will open a new window prompting you to log in to the service. Once logged in, you will be required to provide consent for the scopes you previously defined. The window should then close automatically, and a green badge labeled Authenticated should appear directly below the button. Finally, save and test the data source to confirm that everything is functioning as intended.

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