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How to Create an Automation for Matching the Reporter Email

1. Preparation, create an explicit custom field for this purpose

You need a custom field where the email should be stored later. If you don't have one yet, you can create a new custom field as follows:

Settings > Issues > Custom field > Create custom field

Field Type: Short text

Name: “EDReporterEmail” (in our example)

Hint: make sure that nothing is selected in the screen selection, so that the email is not visible to others.

2. Create a new automation

In the Jira project, go to JIRA Automation and create a new rule:
Project Settings > Automation > Create rule

If this is the first rule, then you will first receive a tutorial. You can go through the tutorial or skip it.

New Trigger

Select "Issue created".

Confirm your selection with “Save”

Add component

Select “New action”.

New Action

Select “Edit issue”.

Edit issue

Find and select the custom field where the email should be set. In our example "EDReporterEmail".

Set the field value:


After saving assign a name for this automation and turn it on.

From now on, the email of the reporter is in the custom field for newly created issues and can be used in external data.


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