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Zoho - OAuth 2

Zoho Setup

  1. Go to and click GET STARTED

  2. Create a Server-based Application and use a descriptive client name like External Data Example

  3. Enter any kind of Homepage URL like

  4. Depending on your data residency add the appropriate Authorised Redirect URIs. In this example:


5. Copy the Client ID& Client Secret

External Data Configuration

  1. Create a new data source and name it like Zoho Example

  2. In this example the data source will load all available modules. To achieve this enter the following into the URLfield:

  3. Switch Authentication to OAuth 2 and Grant Type to Authorization Code

  4. Enter the Client ID& Client Secret you have noted from the Zoho setup step

  5. Use the following based on your Zoho domain: In this example eu
    Auth URL:


    Token URL:


  6. Switch the Callback URL to HTTPS

  7. Enter the following Scope - this might be different depending on the resource you want to access

    ZohoCRM.modules.ALL ZohoCRM.settings.ALL

  8. Enter the following Customer Paramters

    access_type         offline
    prompt              consent

  9. Save the data source.

  10. Reopen the data source in edit mode and press Authenticate and follow the steps.

  11. Below the button you should see Access Token & Refresh Token in green

  12. Save the data source.

  13. Test the data source

Field Configuration Example

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