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Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of our apps are of utmost importance to us. We have collaborated with Atlassian and invested significant time to provide extensive documentation about our security guidelines.

We’re one of the first Marketplace partners to implement the Atlassian Marketplace Cloud Security Program, and all of our apps qualify for the “Cloud Security Participant” badge on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Furthermore, we do provide the following artifacts to all our customers:

  • Our Trust Report page where you can see a comprehensive detailed overview of our security posture. You also can find our compliance certifications, like our SOC 2 Type II report, there.

  • Our Privacy Policy, providing details about your rights towards us regarding your personal data, and our rights to process your data.

  • Our Bug Bounty program, where the most successful researchers on Bugcrowd are able to join, with over 1000 researchers already participating.

  • Our End User License Agreement, providing general terms and conditions for using our app licenses, including our Data Processing Addendum.

  • Our Status Page, providing details and postmortems about any incidents regarding our apps.

  • The “Privacy & Security” tab on our Atlassian Marketplace app listings (e.g. Deep Clone).

If you have further questions about our security guidelines, please contact us by opening a support request.

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