To paginate over an Airtable you need the following setup.

Original Data Source

First create a simple URL/REST data source. As URL use the List records endpoint that you can find in your Airtable API documentation. Make sure to add the offset={offset} variable at the end of the URL.

Now test the data source is working by using 0 in the offset variable

Paginated Data Source

Create a second data source of type Paginated Data Source and select the previously created data source as a source. Because Airtable pagination is cursor-based use this as a pagination type and select offset as a cursor variable with an initial cursor value of 0 as we tested before.

To select the results use $.records[*] in the result selector. This will grab the records from each page.

Airtable will send an offset variable to indicate more pages exist until the last page, in which the offset field will be missing. So the finish condition should be set to Empty Target and the finish target should be $.offset. This will indicated that we look for more pages until this value is empty.

Now testing the pagination should return a valid result. The paginated data source is now ready to be used.