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Microsoft Graph (Azure AD)

Original Data Source

Create a normal Microsoft Graph data source and select the data you want to paginate over.

For example:


Don’t forget to increase the maximum page size to 999

Paginated Data Source

Create a second data source of type Paginated Data Source and select the original Microsoft Graph API data source.

The pagination type here is called Follow URL because the URL of the next page will be returned with each response.

URL Selector

Specify the location of URL for the next page:


Result Selector

Specify the location of all records for each page:


Finish Condition

The Graph API will send a follow-up URL until the last page is reached. Thus, select Empty Target as a Finish Condition.

Finish Target

Once Graph API doesn't return a URL, we know it's the last page and stop pagination.



Testing the data source should now return a valid result indicating that the data source is ready for use.

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