Sync an external list of values into field options of a native Jira custom field of type select list or cascading.

Supported Jira custom fields:

  • Select List (single choice)

  • Select List (multiple choice)

  • Select List (cascading)

  • Radio Buttons

  • Checkboxes

Data Source

After selecting the data source an automated simulation starts and shows you the raw result of the data. This helps you in the following steps.

Result Type

The result type for field options sync defines the strategy of field mapping and handling. The you can choose between the following strategies:


By default the sorting of the data source will be replicated exactly. But in case you cannot control how the data is delivered by the data source you can force an alphabetical sorting in ascending or descending order.

Target Jira Field

Select the custom field of your choice. Only allowed fields for field options synchronization are visible in this step.

Target Context 

Select the context to sync to. Automatic will choose the default context if available or the first available. This only needs changing if you want to target different contexts of the same Jira field.

Update Interval

Define how often the field should be updated. Try to find a reasonable time frame depending on the amount of changes you expect a field to have. Need a lower interval? Please contact the support. We will check the options on a case by case basis.

Handling of missing values

When using the field options sync configuration the app handles enabling and disabling values for you. Is a value missing in the data source the value gets disabled in Jira and reenabled in case the value comes back in the future.
Just make sure you don’t have the option force delete active which would actually delete values instead of just disabling them. 


Because Jira does not allow duplicate field options the app is filtering them out when detected. In some cases this can lead to strange edge cases so it is always more robust to not allow duplicates on the data source level.

Sync Error Notifications

In the settings section you can decide if you want to receive error notifications. You receive an email immediately after an error happens, but only once a day to prevent spam.

API Token (legacy)

API Token is no longer necessary and has been removed