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Field Configurations

What are Field Configurations?

External Data for Jira Fields was developed to solve a common problem in project and service management: The need to integrate external data directly into the Jira user environment. The Field Configurations are foundational elements of the app, designed to extend the functionality of Jira by bringing external data into Jira workflows dynamically and in various customizable ways. They help you create complex dependencies on other fields, display extended information on selected database elements or update data automatically.

Choosing the Right Field Configuration

Understanding the purpose and functionality of each Field Configuration is crucial for leveraging the app effectively. Each of them offers a unique way of connecting external data with Jira, catering to different use cases and workflow requirements.

Field Options Sync

Utilizes a scheduler to periodically sync field options of a select-list with external data, independent of user actions or issue updates.

Example Use Case: Suited for maintaining dynamic drop-downs or selection fields that need to reflect the latest available data from external sources. For example, updating a list of customers or product codes regularly.

Dependant Field

Dependant Fields dynamically update in response to event-driven changes within a Jira issue, such as status updates or value modifications in any custom field.

Example Use Case: Ideal for scenarios in which the value of a field in Jira should change based on changes in other fields or issue attributes. For example. updating a priority field based on a change in the issue’s severity field.

Search Field

Search Fields allow users to actively fetch data from an external source in real-time by searching and selecting a value from a drop-down list directly within a Jira issue.

Example Use Case: Perfect for users that need to access specific data from an external database directly in Jira. For example: Looking up a specific customer from a CRM system.

Info Panel

Displays data from external sources in real time while viewing an issue. The appearance of info panels can be customized using HTML & CSS.

Example Use Case: Showing additional information from external data sources within an issue. For example: Add detailed product specifications or extended customer information to a search result.

More about Field Configurations in Detail

To learn more about the differences between each field type and ensure you are making the best choice for your needs, visit our Field Configuration Comparison page. Here, you'll find detailed comparisons and insights into each field option, helping you understand their unique functionality and applications within your workflow.

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