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Dependency Extension

This feature allows you to use issue values within the context filter on the Global Issue Create (GIC) screen to create dependencies between fields. This means that the values of the child fields will change dynamically depending on the values of the parent. The feature must be enabled on a per-project basis.

This feature is only available for Jira Software and Jira Work Management.

This feature is particularly relevant for the global Issue Creation screen in Jira. It is not necessary to enable this feature for other screens within Jira. If your extension fields are only dependent on other fields within the external data extension, you don't need to activate this function either.

When Should You Activate This Feature?

  • An extension field will be placed on the Global Issue Create screen (GIC)
  • And the context filter utilizes any of the supported Jira fields as listed below.

When Should You Not Activate This Feature?

  • Extension fields are not placed on the GIC
  • Extension fields has no dependencies
  • Extension fields has no dependencies other than other extension fields on the GIC

How to Activate the Dependency Extension

  1. Go to Apps > External Data > Manage (Your) Apps > External Data Extension

  2. Locate and open the Extension App in the side menu on the left.

Navigate to the Extension
  1. In the Dependency Extension section, search and select the projects for which you want to enable this feature.

Manage Dependency Extension by Project
  1. Confirm your selection and save your settings.

Supported Fields

This feature supports context filters on the global issue creation screen for the following Jira fields:

  • assignee

  • components

  • checkboxes

  • date picker

  • date time picker

  • description

  • fix versions

  • issue type

  • labels

  • multiple select

  • multiple user picker

  • number

  • paragraph

  • people

  • priority

  • radio buttons

  • reporter

  • single select

  • summary

  • text field

  • user picker

  • url


This allows to use issue values like the assignee's accountId in the context filter on the global issue create screen:

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