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Import or Migrate Field Data

In case you are migrating or importing the field data via CSV or JSON, the following steps should help you reach your goal.


To import/migrate Extension Search Fields via CSV, use the following syntax within the appropriate column:

....,"{""value"":""actual value"",""id"":""actualID""}",...

A real example could look like this:

...,"{""value"":""Carter Conner"",""id"":""108""}",...


If you want to import an issue from JSON, use the following syntax to change the values:

  "fieldName": "Your Fields Name",
  "fieldType": "com.atlassian.forge:ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/92050003-c2a5-4f5c-875c-fc06e3303d6c/363449ad-5c22-4677-86b3-cac59cf66deb/static/search-field",
  "value": "{ \"value\": \"Actual Value\", \"id\": \"12345\" }”
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