Search fields & info panels can be used in the Jira Service Management create request. Then can also be combined into complex use cases like nested / dependant searches and info panels.

While in the create request screen only user values can be accessed and used for dependancies. Other issue values can only be used after the ticket is created.

Customer Portal - Create Request

To enabled a search field or info panel in the create request you have to enable the Enable JSM Create Request option in the field configuration.

In this image you see an search field in combination with an issue panel to show details about the selected value.

Example of a working Search Field with Info Panel

Customer Portal - Issue View

The values selected in the create request will be saved to the issue like a normal search field and be readonly for the customer.

Example how it looks in the customer issue view


Only user values and values of other Search Fields can be accessed and used for dependancies in the create request screen. Other issue values can solely be used after the ticket is created.

Positioning of a Search Field or Info Panel is always at the bottom of the form due to cloud limitations.