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FAQ and Tutorials

Below, you'll find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and tutorials that could be invaluable to you. The topics have been categorized into different sub-divisions.

Field Configuration

Why is there a limit of 6.000 values in the field option sync ? FAQ

Why is my dependency in Field Option Sync not working FAQ

How to Add Custom Options into Field Options Sync [Dictionary] TUTORIAL


Why does it take so long for a dependent field to update? FAQ

How to Create Two Nested (Dependant) Search Fields TUTORIAL

How to Create a Dependent Field TUTORIAL

How to use the Jira Expression API to calculate dependant field values TUTORIAL

Comparison between various Search Fields FAQ

[Action required] Asset Field Migration ACTION REQUIRED

Jira Service Management (JSM)

Which fields can be placed in the JSM portal view and create request screen? FAQ

How do I access the organizations field from Jira Service Management in a context filter FAQ

Why is my Search Field located at the bottom of the form in the JSM create request screen? FAQ

Data Source

How to work around the Salesforce 2k items per request limitation FAQ

Why am I not seeing the file I just uploaded via the Custom REST API? FAQ

Where is my data from data sources stored? FAQ

Which IP’s do I need to whitelist ? FAQ

Microsoft Graph API - Tips and Solutions TUTORIAL

How to Connect with Okta TUTORIAL

How to Connect with HubSpot TUTORIAL

How to Work Around the Salesforce 2K Item Limit TUTORIAL

OAuth 2.0

Salesforce with Custom Domain as Data Source TUTORIAL

AzureAD with Client Credentials as Data Source TUTORIAL

AzureAD with Authorization Code as Data Source TUTORIAL

SharePoint File as Data Source TUTORIAL

SharePoint List as Data Source TUTORIAL

Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Data Source TUTORIAL

Google Spreadsheet as Data Source TUTORIAL

Zoho as Data Source TUTORIAL

Jira Issue

Which fields can be placed in the Jira issue create screen ? FAQ


Can I work around the missing Email limitation ? FAQ

How to Create an Automation for Matching the Reporter Email TUTORIAL

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