Helpful Graph Explorer

The Microsoft Graph Explorer is a web-based tool for developers to test and explore Microsoft Graph API. To access it, go to .

Increase Page Size

By default, Microsoft Graph API returns a maximum of 100 items per request. However, you can increase the page size up to a maximum of 999 items per request by using the $top parameter in your API requests.

To increase the page size, simply add the $top parameter to your request URL, followed by the number of items you want to retrieve. For example, to retrieve 200 items, you would add $top=200 to your request URL.

Here's an example request URL that retrieves the top 999 users:$top=999

Expand Manager

The manager property of a user resource in Microsoft Graph API contains the user ID of the user's manager. To retrieve the manager's details for a specific user, you can use the /users endpoint with the $expand parameter in your API request.$expand=manager

This request will return the details of the user's manager in the manager property of the response.

You can also expand multiple properties at once by separating them with a comma.

Select Single User by Email

To select a single user by email, you can use the /users endpoint with a filter query parameter that specifies the user's email address. For example, to retrieve the details of a user with the email address, you can use the following request URL:$filter=mail eq ''

Get employeeOrgData

The employeeOrgData property is a complex type that contains the organization-specific data for a user. To retrieve the employeeOrgData property for a user, you can use the /users endpoint with the $select query parameter.{id|userPrincipalName}?$select=id,employeeOrgData