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Microsoft Graph API - Tips and Solutions

Helpful Graph Explorer

The Microsoft Graph Explorer is a web-based tool for developers to test and explore Microsoft Graph API. To access it, go to .

Increase Page Size

By default, Microsoft Graph API returns a maximum of 100 items per request. However, you can increase the page size up to a maximum of 999 items per request by using the $top parameter in your API requests.

To increase the page size, simply add the $top parameter to your request URL, followed by the number of items you want to retrieve. For example, to retrieve 200 items, you would add $top=200 to your request URL.

Here's an example request URL that retrieves the top 999 users:


Expand Manager

The manager property of a user resource in Microsoft Graph API contains the user ID of the user's manager. To retrieve the manager's details for a specific user, you can use the /users endpoint with the $expand parameter in your API request.


This request will return the details of the user's manager in the manager property of the response.

You can also expand multiple properties at once by separating them with a comma.

Select Single User by Email

To select a single user by email, you can use the /users endpoint with a filter query parameter that specifies the user's email address. For example, to retrieve the details of a user with the email address, you can use the following request URL:

CODE$filter=mail eq ''

Get employeeOrgData

The employeeOrgData property is a complex type that contains the organization-specific data for a user. To retrieve the employeeOrgData property for a user, you can use the /users endpoint with the $select query parameter.

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