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Setup - Info Panel


  • External Data for Jira Extension is installed and connected to the main app

Create a New Custom Field

In the Main App, navigate to Available Jira Fields and click on + Add Custom Field.

In the Create new custom field Model, select Field Type according to your preference. Choose External Data - Info Panel in this case.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 13.40.22.png

Create a New Field Configuration

In the Main-App, go to Field Configuration > + Add ExtensionField

Add Extension Field Button

Select the desired configuration type.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 13.43.14.png

The configuration process mirrors that of the main application fields. Refer to our main application documentation for Info Panels. Below, we highlight the key differences for the extension field.

Extension Field Differences:

  • Extension fields are tied to their respective custom field types.

  • You manage the appearance of extension fields within Jira like any other custom field, without configuring context or display conditions in the apps field configuration.

Template Value

Defines a display value for the inline edit variant of that field in the issue edit screen.

Template Value Example
Issue Edit Screen inline display value

Assign Configuration to Custom Field

Under Target Jira Field select the custom field that you have created in the first step of this guide.

Target Jira Field

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