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Where is my data from data sources stored?

Data Source

Once the app receives information from a data source, it temporarily stores the data in a cache, based on the cache duration specified in the data source settings. This applies to all field configuration types.

Following the cache duration, the data is removed and not retained within our infrastructure, except for logs that may contain data snippets when errors occur. These logs enable us to investigate and resolve issues more effectively. The retention period for logs is 30 days.

Search Fields

When utilising a search field, the selected values are stored within Jira using entity properties and the designated target Jira custom field.

Field Options Sync

For field options synchronisation, the app maintains a mapping of data source IDs to Jira option IDs to monitor changes (dictionary only). The values themselves are exclusively stored in the corresponding Jira custom field. When deleting the field or uninstalling the app the mapping will be deleted.

Dependant Field

All values for dependent fields are stored in the designated target Jira custom fields.

Info Panel

The Info Panel feature does not require any additional storage.

Asset Field

Assets are entirely stored within Jira using the external assets platform

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