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My asset is not available when creating a request

You should be able to find all assets when searching for them in the Jira agent view.

If you don’t see specific assets or any assets, there are two possible ways to fix the issue:

Change Snipe-IT Configuration

If you use the JSM portal view to create a request, only assets assigned to the currently logged-in user or assets not assigned to anyone are shown.

If you always want to show all assets in the JSM portal as well, you can uncheck the Assign assets to Jira users in the Snipe-IT for Jira configuration:

Snipe-IT configuration Assign assets to Jira users (matched by email addresses)

Update Asset Field Setting (Team-Managed Projects Only)

When you switch Snipe-IT installations you might have to update the asset field setting in your team-managed projects to show the assets of the new Snipe-IT instance.

  • Project > Project settings > Request types

  • Select the request type where the Snipe-IT asset field is shown

  • Select the Snipe-IT asset field

  • Select the asset types you want to show (if you want to show any type select all asset types)

  • Save

Asset field configuration

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