With our app you can link your Snipe-IT assets to Jira issues. To make the asset field visible in certain Jira issues you need to add an asset (custom) field. Setting up this field varies between team-managed (next-gen) and company-managed (classic).

Team-managed Service Management project

  1. Go to Project > Project settings > Request types

  2. Select the request type you want to add the asset field to.

  3. Add/configure the “Linked assets” field

    • in the “agent view”

      • Scroll down to find the “Linked assets” field (e.g. under “Hide when empty”)

      • Drag and drop the “Linked asset” field to the context where it should be shown (e.g. “Context fields”)

    • to the “request form”

      • Select the tab “Request form”

      • Click “Add a field” next to “Visible fields”

      • Select “Linked assets”

  4. Save changes

Company-managed project

By default, a “Linked assets” custom field is created that can be added to any screens where assets are being used.

  1. Go to Jira settings > Issues

  2. On the sidebar select “Custom fields” under the “Fields” category

  3. Search for “Linked assets”

  4. Click on the three-dots-menu

  5. Associate the field “Linked assets” to the desired screen(s)

Sometimes it happens that the custom field was not created automatically. If you can’t find the custom field “Linked assets”, you can create it on your own following these steps.