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Version 2 of Snipe-IT for Jira

Last update: Mar 27 2024

We’re currently working on a major new version of Snipe-IT for Jira, which we’ll call “Version 2” of the app. The initial version of Snipe-IT for Jira will be referred to as “Version 1” respectively.

Version 2 will use a different technical foundation and new Jira custom fields. This is necessary due to Atlassian's deprecation of the External Asset Platform. There will be a migration period of at least 3 months during which both Version 1 and Version 2 of the app are available. Some customers might still use Version 1, while new customers and customers that have already migrated will already be using Version 2.

We don’t yet have a fixed release date for Version 2 yet, but wanted to let our customers know as early as possible that we’re going in this direction. We will start notifying existing customers via email once we have committed on a date for migrations to be available.

Although a migration will be required, we’ll try to automate the migration process as much as possible so that no data is lost. Specifically, any assets linked to Jira issues should still be linked to the new Jira custom fields that will be introduced with Version 2. A few exceptional cases might not be migrated automatically, such as:

  • Jira Automation rules depending on asset fields

  • Jira filters that link to issues containing specific assets

Version 2 will allow us to finally fix some of the shortcomings of the External Asset Platform, for example:

Please note that Version 1 will no longer be functional after the External Asset Platform has been shutdown by Atlassian. This will happen sometime after Sep 30 2024 and we will update the final shutdown date here once it is known to us, at least 3 months in advance.

We will provide more updates in the upcoming months and notify all existing customers in-app and via their license contact email addresses regarding next steps.

We’re excited for the future of Snipe-IT for Jira with Version 2. It allows us to further enhance the app experience and provide a deeper integration between Snipe-IT and Jira than before.

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