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Release Notes

  • Nov 16 2023: The one-way sync now shows the progress of the synced versions.

  • Sep 19 2023: Selected versions get synced/created right after one-way sync creation

  • Aug 30 2023: Provide more options for one-way sync creation

  • Aug 23 2023: Add a warning to the Activity Log when there are insufficient permissions while creating/updating a version

  • Aug 21 2023: Improve performance for Project Groups with up to 500 projects and up to 5000 versions.

  • Jun 30 2023: Compatibility with Jira’s “dark theme”

  • May 19 2022: Projects that are already targeted in a different group can now be added as a target in any one-way group

  • Feb 9 2022: Add an option for easily adding more projects to an existing two-way sync group

  • Feb 7 2022: Improve overall user experience with better interface and diagrams

  • Feb 3 2022: Improve selection of versions to sync when creating a new group

  • Nov 12 2021: Fix Groups Overview and removing projects from a target project if some projects have been deleted

  • Aug 2 2021: Introduce Groups Overview to show an overview of all projects and groups where versions are being synced

  • Jul 16 2021: Add pagination and filtering to version lists

  • Jan 28 2021: Add advanced setting to hide “Version Sync - Releases” from the project menu

  • Dec 7 2020: Allow multiple target projects for “duplicate versions to a target project” option

  • Dec 2 2020: We made our internal database structure more scalable, now supporting over 10,000 versions per project

  • Jul 31 2020: Create and edit versions on the Releases Overview

  • Jul 20 2020: Order versions in Releases Overview

  • Apr 3 2020: Support for next-gen projects

  • Oct 1 2019: Allow back/forward browser navigation on Releases Overview

  • April 16 2019: Introduce “duplicate versions to a target project” option

  • Mar 7 2019: Introduce Releases Overview page

  • Nov 19 2018: Add all non-existing versions by default when saving to another group

  • Nov 15 2018: Initial release, sync existing and new versions across Jira projects

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