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Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management Forms (formerly ProForma)

This integration will no longer work after August 5th 2024 and Deep Clone for Jira will no longer be able to clone Forms due to Atlassian removing our access to the Forms data.

If this impacts you, contact us.

With forms, you can build forms and checklists in Jira without using custom fields. With Deep Clone, it is possible to clone an issue with all the forms attached to it. This can also be automated using a Deep Clone Post Function Clone on a transition. It’s also possible to clone forms between different Jira Service Management projects.

You are flexible to decide whether you want to clone a form or not. Just (un)check Clone issue properties in the Deep Clone dialog.

Deep Clone for Jira configuration window with Clone issue properties marked

With the Deep Clone Project Clone feature, you can clone a Jira project and the project's forms as well.

Similarly, when cloning an issue with a form to a different instance, Deep Clone ensures that both the form and its values are copied, if you select “Clone issue properties” in the Deep Clone dialog. However, the cloned form will not be available as a template in the project settings.

If you want to have forms automatically adopt values of linked custom fields, which you changed during cloning via Clone and Edit, you need to open the form after cloning.


It’s currently not possible to clone Jira forms to a project type other than Jira Service Management, although there are forms in Jira Work Management the two systems are currently not compatible. As a workaround, you can configure the Jira form to Create and attach a PDF of the form to the issue. That way, Deep Clone can clone the PDF attachment. If you are interested in using/cloning Jira forms in other project types, you can follow these feature requests: |

Jira forms configuration screen with Create and attach a PDF of the form to the issue

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