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Instance Clone

Deep Clone for Jira can be used for cloning issues and projects from one Jira Cloud instance to another.


  • Both instances need to have Deep Clone for Jira installed

  • The user triggering the clone shall have access to the target instance and the appropriate permissions to create issues

  • For setting up instance clone, admin permissions are required on both instances

Setting up Instance Clone

Follow the instructions below to configure instance clone from e.g. to

  1. Ensure you have admin permissions in both instances

  2. In, go to Apps > Manage your Apps > Deep Clone > Instance Clone

No instance configured yet
  1. Click on Add new target instance and enter the complete URL of the target instance, i.e.

  2. Generate a binding key

Add new target instance screen
  1. Follow the instructions in What comes next? to finish connecting the two instances. If there is an error while submitting the key on the second instance, please generate another key and closely verify that the provided URL is correct

  2. The instance is now able to clone to The other way around can be setup by clicking on Add as target instance on Both instances are able to disable this connection at any time

Instance URL screen
  1. In the Clone dialog, you can now select Clone to another instance… in the Target Project dropdown to clone from one instance to the other

Clone configuration screen shows Clone to another instance

Cloning Reporters, @ Mentions, and Other User Values Between Instances

Deep Clone for Jira is able to clone user values between Jira instances, if the Jira user is available in both instances and connected to the same email address.

What happens if a Jira user is not available in the target instance?

  • If the reporter is not available in the target instance, Deep Clone sets the user who performed the clone as reporter.

  • If the assignee is not available in the target instance, Deep Clone sets the default assignee in the clone.

  • If the commenter is not available as a user, the creator of the comment is “Deep Clone for Jira”. A web-link to the user of the original issue in the source instance is provided, to track who originally created the comment.

  • If you clone a comment with a @ mention, the user will be displayed as “unknown user” or “user”.

Jira comment

There are additional considerations when cloning across instances:

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