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Release Notes

  • Oct 18 2023: Checkin and checkout of Accessories is now available through the Asset Fields

  • Oct 13 2023: Seats of a license are now assignable through the Asset Fields

  • Sep 25 2023: The documentation is now fully referenced within the Snipe-IT pages and forms

  • Sep 22 2023: Asset view moved on Jira Issue Page into separate Context Menu

  • Jun 15 2023: Compatibility with Jira “dark theme”

  • Oct 14 2022: The sync is no longer running when Snipe-IT users cannot be fetched, as it might otherwise overwrite the assets with empty assignees

  • Feb 24 2022: Fix assets having an assignee with an empty email address in Snipe-IT to no longer show up as “unassigned” within the Jira Service Desk portal, so they are no longer available to be selected for other portal customers.

  • Feb 17 2022: Support syncing accessories

  • Sep 24 2021: Support editing checkbox and radio button custom fields

  • Jan 14 2021: Add “Getting started” page

  • Aug 31 2020: Enable configuring which projects have the “Asset search” view

  • Jun 17 2020: Support complete asset editing (standard and custom fields)

  • Apr 21 2020: Add option for selecting which custom fields shall be visible in asset view

  • Mar 27 2020: Add “Use static IP” option

  • Feb 12 2020: Support editing asset status and assignee

  • Feb 7 2020: Add “Assets of reporter” issue glance

  • Oct 23 2019: Support syncing consumables and licenses

  • Sep 18 2019: Add Asset Search view

  • Sep 1 2019: Initial release, including connection setup to the Snipe-IT instance and syncing assets

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