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This sections gathers most known limitations of External Data for Jira Fields

Field Options Sync

  • The List Type has a limitation of 7.000 values – but keep in mind, the dropdown performance in the issue view starts to decrease drastically at around 2.000 entries. The performance also depends on the machine you are testing it on, so make sure your userbase can use it properly.

  • The Dictionary Type has limitation of 6.000 key value pairs

  • The Cascading List Type has a limitation of 1.000 parent options

  • The Cascading Dictionary Type has a limitation of 1.000 parents and 1.000 child elements, but not more than 10.000 elements in total.

  • The maximum number of fields for Dictionary Type and Cascading List Type combined is 100.

The type Field Options Sync can only sync to global custom fields.

Search Field

Due to cloud limitations for connect Apps a Search Field cannot be placed on the Jira Create Issue Screen or Transition Screens.

Update: Please consider using the Extension Search Fields feature, which can be added to the Jira Create Issue Screen.

Data Source

Due to memory and parsing load on our infrastructure, a data source cannot load more than 15MB of data per request. Once the limit is reached, a request will fail to load properly. If you have a use case in which more data needs to be processed, please get in touch with us.

You can create a maximum of 70 different data sources. You can work around this limitation by using variables which makes a data source more versatile.

Paginated data sources allow a maximum of 6 pages to be fetched.

Email User Context

Accessing the email address of a user can work in some cases depending on their privacy settings, but will be empty in most cases. Due to the GDPR compliance you should use the accountId of a user instead, which is a reliable identifier of a user. In case you want to map an email address from your data source to an accountId we offer this workaround – but mapping an accountId to an email address is not possible. There is a workaround by using automation to expose email addresses if really needed (You should be aware of implications).

JSM Request Screen

Only user values can be accessed and used for dependancies in the create request screen. Other issue values can solely be used after the ticket is created.

Positioning of a Search Field or Info Panel is always at the bottom of the form due to cloud limitations.

Unauthenticated customers are currently not supported and are unable to view the fields.

Asset Field

Due to Jira API restrictions each External assets platform field has a limit of 10.000 assets.

As a workaround, you can create multiple External assets platform fields and combine them back to one set by configuring the context filter that you find in the custom field configuration section.

The total limit for an instance is 100.000 assets. Beware that other apps can also consume asset space. Please take this scaling limitation into account when creating your use case.

Asset Fields also don’t work well in Dashboard Gadgets.

Field Number Limit

You can create a maximum of 170 different field configurations. The combined maximum of Dictionary Type and Cascading List Type is 100 due to app property limits.

XML Support

Not all features like context filter work with XML. To make use of all possible features consider using a JSON data source instead.

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