This page includes release notes and updates for External Data for Confluence. Use this page to keep track of new features and feature updates.

2 June 21

NEW CSV support for data source of type File

You can now use CSV files as a data source when using the File type. Make sure the file has the appropriate .csv extension.

14 April 21

NEW Oracle is now supported as a data source

You can now use Oracle as a data source. The client requires network encryption to be available on the database for an encrypted connection.

23 March 21

NEW Template Helper Function to handle line breaks

In case you have a text that contains line breaks like \n or \r\n and want to display those line breaks in HTML, which doesn’t care about normal line breaks, you can use the following syntax to do so.

{{ SearchReplace field '\n''<br>' }}

17 March 21

ADDED Space information to context

It is now possible to access space information in variables and filters. The following values are supported:


For more information see


  • Jan 21: Added regex match functions to resolver

  • Oct 20: Ability to rearrange variable lists

  • Sep 20: Ability to easily copy data sources

  • Sep 20: Added template functions to format dates

  • Aug 20: Added export support

  • Aug 20: Added search in table visual

  • Jul 20: Add preview to simulation for easier feedback

  • Jun 20: Add user context to use in data source variables

  • May 20: Add more chart options & types: Radar, Doughnut, PolarArea

  • May 20: Responsive macro width

  • May 20: OAuth2: added client credentials flow 

  • Apr 20: Added ability to expose variables in macro editor

  • Mar 20: Added markdown interpreter for template visuals

  • Mar 20: Added raw response type for data sources (allows to display html)

  • Jan 20: Added dynamic variables for database queries and post body field

  • Jan 20: Release External Data for Confluence