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This page includes release notes and updates for External Data for Confluence. Use this page to keep track of new features and feature updates.

16 April 24

IMPROVEMENT Improved Configuration Area: Browser History and Tab Memory

Enhanced the configuration area to support browser history browsing and to remember the last active tab after a refresh.

22 Nov 23

NEW Dark Mode Theme Support Added

The app now offers theme support, including the new dark mode option.

26 Sep 23

NEW Basic Auth Header for OAuth2

You can now send credentials using the Basic Auth Header with the Authorization Code grant type.

13 Sep 23

NEW Added Shortlink to Documentation

A convenient shortlink to our external documentation is now available. Find it on the top right of the in-app documentation.

04 Aug 23

NEW Added Germany to data residency regions.

Added Germany to data residency regions. Users can now opt to store their data locally within Germany for improved compliance and latency. Current supported regions:

🇺🇸 United States

🇪🇺 Europe

🇩🇪 Germany

27 Jun 23

NEW Data Provider

The Data Provider feature enhances the support for the Table Extensibility feature in Confluence. This feature allows the app to serve as a data provider without the need for a visual representation such as a table or chart.

The data can be accessed by other macros or integrations within Confluence, provided they also support the Table Extensibility feature. You can find more information about this in our documentation.

25 May 23

NEW Support for Table Extensibility Feature

Introduced support for the "Table Extensibility" feature, allowing External Data for Confluence to function as a data provider. With this update, users can now create transformer macros and visual charts referencing data from a source macro. Check out the updated documentation for more details.

23 May 23

NEW Export Functionality Added to Advanced Tables

Introduced an export button for templates using Advanced Tables, enabling users to conveniently save and share their data. Consult our updated documentation for more details on this new feature.

20 May 23

NEW Data Residency - Realm to Realm Migration Support

Enhanced our Data Residency features by introducing support for Realm to Realm migrations. This improvement simplifies the process of moving data between realms, allowing for increased flexibility and control over data management

09 Mar 23

NEW Use Multiple Data Sources in a Converter

Added the ability to use multiple data sources in a converter. This feature enables you to streamline different data source structures into a single format. Now, you can easily align and convert data from multiple sources at once. Check out the updated documentation for more details.

09 Mar 23

NEW Use Multiple Data Sources in a Converter

Added the ability to use multiple data sources in a converter. This feature enables you to streamline different data source structures into a single format. Now, you can easily align and convert data from multiple sources at once. Check out the updated documentation for more details.

08 Mar 23

NEW Custom Error Template

Added the ability to define a custom error template for data source related errors in Template Visuals. With this feature, you can now create a tailored error message that provides clear guidance to the user on how to resolve the issue. Check out the updated documentation for more details.

03 Mar 23

NEW OAuth 2 Password Grant

While not recommended, OAuth 2 password grant can still be necessary to connect to certain APIs. We have added the ability to set up a data source using OAuth 2 password grant, allowing users to fill this gap and connect to APIs that require this type of grant.

12 Jan 23

NEW Custom Templates Pagination

Added custom pagination for templates to use a pagination endpoint without loading all items at once. See more details in the documentation.

11 Jan 23

NEW Hide Variable in Filter Panel

We have added the ability to hide created variables in the filter panel that is presented to users. This provides more flexibility when working with data sources by allowing certain variables to remain hidden from view. With this new feature, you can now build more complex data sources that offer greater customization options without sacrificing simplicity or ease of use.

02 Dec 22

NEW Advanced Tables for Templates

Add advanced interaction table controls to your HTML templates like pagination, sortable columns and search. See more details in the Advanced Tables.

21 Nov 22

NEW JavaScript Converter Data Source

With this new feature, you can use JavaScript to convert and extract data from any of your existing data sources. This can be especially helpful if the structure of your data source requires advanced functionality to prepare and output data optimally for your use case. See more details in the documentation.

05 Nov 22

IMPROVEMENT Better Template Editor & JSON Highlighting

For editing templates the app now offers a significant better code editor. This helps you write templates in the app instead of an external editor. Also Json will be highlighted better, especially when testing a data source.

19 Aug 22

NEW Snowflake SQL connector

Added a dedicated Snowflake SQL connector. Create a data source of type Database and select Snowflake as a driver to get started.

15 Aug 22

NEW VerifyCA and VerifyFull SSL Mode for MySQL

Added MySQL SSL Modes VerifyCA and VerifyFull with the ability to upload the needed certificates. This allows to connect to services like Google SQL with “only allow SSL connections” enabled.

03 Aug 22

IMPROVEMENT Dynamic Pagination Limit

Added a more dynamic pagination page limit to cover more API use cases.
Below 10.000 items the page limit is set to 20 and above 10.000 items the page limit is set to 6.

14 July 22

NEW Exclude Columns in Tables

Added the feature to exclude unwanted or unnecessary columns from a table visual. This is especially useful for very chatty data sources.

01 July 22

NEW Paginated Data Source

Added a new type of data source that lets you dynamically paginate over already created data sources. See [Beta] - Paginated Data Source for more details.

01 June 22

NEW Custom Auth Header

For data sources of type Rest/URL we added a dedicated Custom Auth Header authentication method that adds another encryption layer at rest. In addition the saved secret will not be readable again.

17 February 22

NEW Added Data Residency Support

The app now supports US and EU regions for data residency.. Visit our Data Residency section for more information.

24 November 21

NEW Added Auto-expand Filter Option

When adding a panel into a page you can now expand a filter by default. So users don’t have to manually expand the filter section themselves.

19 November 21

NEW Added IBM Db2 data source support

Now you can connect to an IBM Db2 database with a minimum version of 11.5.6 or later

20 October 21

NEW Export table data as CSV or JSON

You can now export all data from a table panel as CSV or JSON.

07 October 21


We spent some time improving the user experience for admins and ironed out some issues along the way

2 June 21

NEW CSV support for data source of type File

You can now use CSV files as a data source when using the File type. Make sure the file has the appropriate .csv extension.

14 April 21

NEW Oracle is now supported as a data source

You can now use Oracle as a data source. The client requires network encryption to be available on the database for an encrypted connection.

23 March 21

NEW Template Helper Function to handle line breaks

In case you have a text that contains line breaks like \n or \r\n and want to display those line breaks in HTML, which doesn’t care about normal line breaks, you can use the following syntax to do so.

{{ SearchReplace field '\n''<br>' }}

17 March 21

ADDED Space information to context

It is now possible to access space information in variables and filters. The following values are supported:


For more information see Variables | Context-Variables


  • Jan 21: Added regex match functions to resolver

  • Oct 20: Ability to rearrange variable lists

  • Sep 20: Ability to easily copy data sources

  • Sep 20: Added template functions to format dates

  • Aug 20: Added export support

  • Aug 20: Added search in table visual

  • Jul 20: Add preview to simulation for easier feedback

  • Jun 20: Add user context to use in data source variables

  • May 20: Add more chart options & types: Radar, Doughnut, PolarArea

  • May 20: Responsive macro width

  • May 20: OAuth2: added client credentials flow 

  • Apr 20: Added ability to expose variables in macro editor

  • Mar 20: Added markdown interpreter for template visuals

  • Mar 20: Added raw response type for data sources (allows to display html)

  • Jan 20: Added dynamic variables for database queries and post body field

  • Jan 20: Release External Data for Confluence

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