Prime Custom Fields for Jira is a collection of advanced Custom Field types that enable new use cases within Jira.

Please note that there are currently two known issues in Forge, the new Atlassian framework that Prime Custom Fields is using.

Adding Prime Custom Fields

After installing the app from the Atlassian Marketplace, you can start right away.

Prime Custom Field
  • Click on Next

  • Enter a name for the field and click on Create

  • Select the screens where the custom field shall be visible

  • Click on Update to finalize the process

Configuring Prime Custom Fields

This step is mandatory for some fields, like Prime Select List (deep cascading), and optional for others, like Prime To-Do List.

  • Navigate to Jira Settings > Issues > Custom fields

  • Search for the custom field to configure and click on its name

  • Navigate to the Contexts tab

  • Click on Create, edit or delete contexts

  • Create and edit field contexts according to your needs

  • In each context, click on Edit custom field config to enable the field-specific configuration

Changing the Configuration of Existing Prime Custom Fields

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Available Prime Custom Fields

Known limitations

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