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[Action required] Asset Field Migration

Atlassian has announced the shutdown of the External Asset Platform effective December 31, 2024. This will directly impact the Asset Field configuration of this app, resulting in the Asset Field in Jira becoming unavailable and deleted after the specified date.

Atlassian Announcement:

To mitigate data loss and ensure you do not experience any difficulty, we have developed a new field called the Extension Asset Field. This new field operates independently of the soon-to-be-removed API while offering similar functionality.

If you have been utilizing the Asset Field as an alternative to the Search Field on the Create Issue Screen, you can securely transition to our new Extension Search Field, which is compatible with this screen as well.

Begin the process of reconstructing your use case with the new Extensions Fields today. We are actively developing a dedicated migration tool to facilitate the transition of your existing Asset Field data to the new field. In the interim, tools such as automation, script runner, or Jira import can be utilized to create a customized migration process if you prefer more control over the transition.

What Steps to Take if Affected:

  1. Review and Evaluate: Assess your current Asset Field configurations to determine necessity and feasibility of transitioning to one of the available Extensions Fields.

  2. Migrate to New Fields: Transition to the Extension Asset Field or Extension Search Field for all future issues.

  3. Plan Data Migration: Utilize our upcoming tool or existing tools like automation, script runner, or Jira import for data migration.

Changes in the New Asset Field:

  • Support for more than 10k items.

  • Assets will no longer synchronize with Jira; only selected values post-search will be recorded in the field on the issue.

  • Modifications in the data source will not be automatically reflected in the asset field.

  • When using multiple asset types you have to select a type before you can start a search.

  1. How and why to setup the extension:Extension App

  2. New Extension Asset Field: Asset Field

  3. Use Search Field on Issue Create Screen: Setup - Search Field

  4. Import or Migrate Field Data: Import or Migrate Field Data

  5. Deprecated version of the Asset Field:Asset Field (Deprecated)

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