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If the App is not working

If the app does not work for you or your users, you should try to collect as much information as possible so that we can more easily investigate the problem on our side and shorten the time to resolution.

To do this, answer the following questions


When did the app not work as expected? A time frame with time zone and date information is very helpful for us to speed up the investigation and find the cause.

How often

The indication of how often the app did not work within the time frame can be an important indicator for us.


As the app can be used in several areas of Jira, it is important for us to understand where exactly the app did not work as expected. A URL or a detailed description of the location is very helpful. Screenshots are also a good way to show us where the problem arises.


A description of who is affected by the problem can also be helpful for our investigation. Does the problem only occur with a specific user or is the entire user base affected?


To prioritise your report accordingly, it is helpful to understand how you and your user base are affected by this problem.

HAR file

If a problem is more complex, it may be helpful to create a HAR file from your browser. A HAR file contains additional information about the network requests that occur during the problem. Since HAR files contain sensitive data, this should only be necessary if other methods of fixing the problem have not been successful.

Guide: How to generate a HAR file

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