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Search Field

Search fields are essential if you’re working with large data sets. Search fields can also be linked with other search fields, info panels or native custom fields to build complex use cases. A search field is a virtual field that will render selected values into a specified native Jira custom field.

Setup Details

The default search will load and convert all data items into an internal repository, which is then searchable by a fully customizable standard search field. Alternatively, you can use an external search endpoint to perform a search, with customizable search results. See the respective sub chapters for further details and explanation.

Quick Overview: How Search Fields Look Like

Search Field

The initial state of a standard search field with no value selected:

Search field example in issue view

Searching an Entry

As soon as you're using the dropdown menu or start typing, the live search will give you instant results as a dropdown list with a maximum of 100 items.

Searching will present results below

Selecting Values

Selecting a value from the dropdown will write the selected value (based on the configuration) to the target custom field and to the search field.

Selecting an option will present its value afterwards

Multi-Select (Optional)

The option to select multiple values can be activated in the configuration. You can also define a selection limit that lets you restrict the amount of selections possible by a user.

Multi-Select shows its selections below the search field itself

Select-List Behaviour

Opening the search dropdown without typing in a search term will display results of up to 100 items. Thus the search can also function as a regular selection list.

Dependant / Nested Search

You might want to have a dynamic select list that is dependant on other search fields or custom fields. A search field can be dependent on other fields by using the Context Filter in the Search Field Configuration. See also the Context Filter section of the documentation to find good examples for building dependencies between different fields.

Placement Limitation

Due to cloud limitations for connect Apps a search field cannot be placed on in Jira Create Issue Screen or Transition Screens.

Setup Details

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