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Post Function Clone

Post Function Clone is only available in company-managed projects.

We support two different kinds of post functions

  • Single Clone: Clones one issue and its subtasks

  • Epic/Tree Clone: Clones an Epic (or anything above) and all of its child issues

    • The post function will only trigger on Epics or issues with a higher hierarchy level

We only support up to 10,000 issues that can be cloned during Epic/Tree post functions.

Clones can be triggered automatically when transitioning issues. To enable that, you’ll have to add a Jira post function. How to add a post function is explained in the Atlassian documentation.

You can trigger a Deep Clone with Jira Automation by adding a Deep Clone post function to a (looping) transition.

  1. In the post functions tab, select “Deep Clone” or “Deep Clone (Epic/Tree)”

  2. Add the “Deep Clone” or “Deep Clone (Epic/Tree)” post function

  3. Set any necessary parameters

Deep Clone Post Function Clone configuration screen

  1. Publish the updated workflow

Now, a clone is created automatically every time the adapted transition is executed.

It’s also possible to add several “Deep Clone” or “Deep Clone (Epic/Tree)” post functions.

Deep Clone for Jira Post Function Clone

If the post-function was unable to run (for example if there are missing required fields to create the new issue), an email notification will be sent to the administrator that was the last one to save the Deep Clone post-function.

Note that Deep Clone won’t run the post function if it was triggered when creating another clone, avoiding endless cloning loops. This can happen if you configure a Deep Clone post function on the initial “Create” transition with the same target project.

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