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Bulk Clone

Using Bulk Clone, you can clone up to 100,000 issues at once. There are two ways to do so:

We currently don’t support the new Compass Components. If Compass Components are enabled on your project, Deep Clone won’t be able to clone your components.

Compass components are enabled in new Jira Software projects by default.

Bulk Clone Using the Jira Issue Navigator

  1. Click on Search 🔍 or Filters > View all issues.

  2. Filter the issues you want to Bulk Clone by using the Jira Issue Navigator.

  3. Click the Bulk Clone button.

  4. Configure and create your Bulk Clone.


Bulk Clone From the Deep Clone Navigation

  1. Next to the Create button, select Apps > Deep Clone.

  2. Click Bulk Clone in the Jira navigation on the left.  

  3. Filter for all issues you want to bulk clone by JQL, a favorite filter or project.

  4. Configure and create your Bulk Clone.

If the Bulk Clone button is not visible, expand the menu by clicking the expand arrow.

Bulk Clone in app menu

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