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Single Clone

The Deep Clone for Jira Single Clone offers advanced cloning options that are not available in the Atlassian standard clone.

  • It’s possible to clone certain data that is usually not clonable (e.g. comments, issue status).

  • You are flexible to decide which field you want to clone, and which not.

  • The clone can be moved to another project and issue type while cloning.

  • Some data can be created in the target project while cloning (components, labels, versions, sprints).

We currently don’t support the new Compass Components. If Compass Components are enabled on your project, Deep Clone won’t be able to clone your components.

Compass components are enabled in new Jira Software projects by default.

Clone a Single Issue

  1. Navigate to the issue you want to Single Clone.

  2. Click on the top right Actions menu ••• > Deep Clone.

  3. Configure and create your Single Clone.

Deep Clone option in the issue actions menu

Create and confirm / Clone immediately

Once you’ve configured your clone, you can either

  • Immediately clone

  • Create and confirm

Create and confirm and Clone immediately options

Due to technical constraints, “create and confirm” does not work for subtask issue types.

Once you select Create and confirm, the create issue screen will appear where you can confirm the values the issue will be created with. After having confirmed this, you can see how we clone the additional fields and embedded content.

You may close the dialog at any time without the cloning process being interrupted. Note however that if you start editing the issue right away, your changes may be overwritten until the cloning process is finished.

Alternatively, you may also choose Clone immediately to skip the create issue screen and clone the issue immediately. However, if the app cannot extract all required fields from the original issue, the option will be greyed out, and you'll have to use the Create and confirm.

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