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Presets for Recurring Clones

Presets allow you to save and load a reusable combination of clone settings. They are meant for recurring clone use cases, speeding up the process and avoiding mistakes.

Presets are not mandatory. Simply leave the Preset dropdown in the cloning dialog empty to clone issues without using a preset.

Create a Preset

  1. Navigate to Apps > Deep Clone > Manage Presets

  2. Select the type of preset you want to create (Single, Bulk, or Epic/Tree Clone)

  3. Click Create new preset

Deep Clone for Jira Manage Presets Configuration

Clone an Issue With a Preset

  1. To clone with a preset, start the clone process normally

  2. In the case of an Epic/Tree or Bulk Clone, you have to select a target project first, and fetch the issues to clone

  3. Above the clone form, click on the preset dropdown

Deep Clone select presets in clone configuration screen
  1. Select a preset to load

Deep Clone select presetnto load in configuration screen
  1. Immediately use the preset by clicking “Clone Immediately” or “Create and confirm”, or edit the loaded clone settings below

Deep Clone for Jira Clone immediately with presets

Add a Preset to the Issue Actions Menu

Adding a preset to the issue actions menu is only available for Single Clone and Epic/Tree Clone presets.

  1. In the Preset form, select Add as an action to issue menu

  2. Save the Preset

  3. You can now quickly clone an issue with the Preset through the actions menu

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