For commonly used clone actions, you may define presets which will reuse the previously defined clone settings. Presets speed up recurring cloning actions and avoid errors while cloning.

Create a Preset

  1. Navigate to Apps > Deep Clone > Manage Presets

  2. Click “Create new preset”

Clone an issue with a Preset

  1. Navigate to the Jira issue you want to clone

  2. Click the 3-dots menu on the upper right-hand corner > Deep Clone

  3. Click “Show Presets” on the top of the screen

  4. Now you can either …

    1. “Assume” the preset by clicking the eye button

    2. “Clone immediately” by clicking the thumbs up button

    3. “Create and confirm” by clicking the plus button

Add a Preset to the issue actions menu

  1. In the Preset form, select “Add as an action to issue menu”

  2. Save the Preset

  3. You can now quickly clone an issue with the Preset through the actions menu

More Preset features

  • Assume the settings (e.g. to review or change the check boxes before cloning)

  • Copy Preset

  • Delete Preset