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Using Dynamic Fields on the Issue View (Company-managed/Team-managed)

Company-managed (Classic) Projects

To show dynamic fields on the issue view in company-managed Jira projects, simply add them to the respective screen of your project and issue type:

Classic project screens

Team-managed (Next-gen) Projects

For team-manged Jira projects, you first need to enable Dynamic Custom Fields for Jira for each project where you’d like to use dynamic fields on the issue view. Navigate to Project Settings > Apps > App fields and enable Dynamic Fields for Jira:

Next-gen app field

Once you’ve enabled the app for your team-managed project, you can simply add dynamic fields by adding them to your issue types:

Issue screen next-gen

There’s currently an open Jira bug that prevents newly created dynamic custom fields to be displayed in this list.

Please disable and then re-enable App fields for Dynamic Custom Fields for Jira (first screenshot) for newly added fields to appear for team-managed projects.

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