The Quick Pie Chart gadget displays statistical data from a filter grouped by a configurable field – in this example, by the Issue Type.

This Quick Gadget can show statistics for up to 5000 issues.

We built this gadget based on the model of Atlassian’s “Pie Chart”. You can follow the Atlassian documentation in order to configure the gadget.

Quick Pie Chart gadget

Layout Options

By default, the Quick Pie Chart gadget looks identical to Atlassian’s “Pie Chart”. You can customize this layout by using the “Layout options” in the settings of the Quick Pie Chart gadget. Available options include colors, shape of the chart, labels shown, or ordering of values.

Quick Pie Charts with different layouts

Advanced Functionality: Aggregate Values of Jira Number Fields

Per default, the Quick Pie Chart gadget aggregates the number of issues.

In the gadget settings, you can edit the “Values shown” to any Jira number field (including custom fields). For example, the Quick Pie Chart below shows issue priorities aggregated by story points.

Quick Pie Charts Advanced functionality

Adding the 'Quick Pie Chart' Gadget to Your Dashboard

  1. Go to your Jira Cloud dashboard and click Edit ✏️.

  2. Click Add gadget.

  3. The Gadget Directory will appear. Locate the Quick Pie Chart gadget and click the Add button.

  4. The gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows, ready for you to configure:

Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards Quick Pie Chart configuration
  • Group — define the group the gadget will belong to. Only gadgets in the same group are influenced by filters set in a Quick Controller in the same group. (Up to five different groups are possible)

  • Filter results by — refine displayed results by:

    • Filter

    • Project

    • Advanced (JQL)

  • Field — define the field for which the statistics/values are displayed

  • Values shown — define which values are shown. You can select all fields with number values.

  • Label — define the label displayed for the pie chart.

  • Auto refresh — define how often the gadget refreshes. By default every 5 minutes.

    • Every minute

    • Every 5 minutes

    • Every 15 minutes

    • Every 60 minutes

    • Never

  • Layout options:

    • Display percentages on slices

    • Display labels on slices

    • Use donut chart (empty center)

    • Sort values by natural field order

    • Display list of values

      • Below the chart

      • Next to the chart

    • Use custom color scheme