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This page includes release notes and updates for External Data for Jira Fields. Use this page to keep track of new features and feature updates.

08 Apr 24

NEW Extension - Asset Field Introduced

Added the Asset Field, a new custom field type that combines multiple search fields and info panels. This allows for defining and mapping custom asset types to seamlessly link your assets with Jira issues. Learn more about this exciting new feature here.

25 Mar 24

NEW Field Option Sync - Expanded Dictionary Limit to 6.000 Items

Dictionary maximum item limit expanded from 5,000 to 6,000 items.

03 Mar 24

NEW Dependant Field - Update Only on Issue Update

Introducing a new condition option for dependent fields: Update Only After Issue Update. This feature enhances the functionality of dependent fields, especially when used in conjunction with automations. Configure your automation to initially run upon issue creation. Subsequently, this will trigger the dependent field to update following the completion of the automation.

31 Jan 24

NEW Extension - Context Awareness on Issue Create Screen

We have improved the context awareness for extension fields on the issue create screen. Now, you can also access other issue fields available on the create screen to build dependencies.

30 Jan 24

NEW Extension - JSM Support

The new extension fields can now be enabled in Jira Service Management (JSM) in the main app field configuration.

24 Jan 24

NEW Extension - New Multi Search Field Type

We have introduced a new extension field type that allows you to search and select multiple items called External Data - Search Field (Multiple Choice). This field can be added over the Available Jira Fields section.

27 Dez 23

IMPROVEMENT Under the hood improvements

We have made numerous improvements to the app throughout the year. We understand that it's important to highlight relatable messages, but we also want to recognize and appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this app. Rest assured, our team is constantly striving to enhance your experience. This changelog entry serves as a representation of all the small details that may not be immediately visible.

12 Dez 23

IMPROVEMENT XML Support for Search Fields and Context Filter

Now, you can utilize your XML data source to create search fields and establish dependencies with context filters.

1 Dez 23

IMPROVEMENT Create Native Jira Fields with Screen Mapping

Now, you can effortlessly create native Jira custom fields directly within the app and assign them to the required screens. This makes it easier for you to build your use cases without having to leave the app during the build process.

16 Nov 23

NEW New App Release - External Data for Jira Fields - Extension

We're excited to announce the launch of our new extension app, External Data for JIRA Fields - Extension. External Data App - Extensions is a free add-on to the standard app that provide additional search fields and info panels that can be used on the Create Issue Screen.

17 Oct 23

IMPROVEMENT Enhanced Special Character Handling

Optimized the handling of special characters in search field result templates.

11 Oct 23

IMPROVEMENT Newline Separator in Join Function

You can now use \n as a separator in the JOIN function, e.g., { JOIN($.myValues, '\n') }. Perfect for separating values in TextArea fields with dependent fields.

26 Sep 23

NEW Basic Auth Header for OAuth2

You can now send credentials using the Basic Auth Header with the Authorization Code grant type.

13 Sep 23

NEW Added Shortlink to Documentation

A convenient shortlink to our external documentation is now available. Find it on the top right of the in-app documentation.

04 Aug 23

NEW Added Germany to data residency regions.

Added Germany to data residency regions. Users can now opt to store their data locally within Germany for improved compliance and latency. Current supported regions:

🇺🇸 United States

🇪🇺 Europe

🇩🇪 Germany

17 Jul 23

IMPROVEMENT Search Field - Usability and Design improvements

Implemented a new feature to Search Fields which allows users to select values by using the arrow keys and confirming their choice via enter key. By default the first entry is selected automatically when opening the selection.

Likewise, when partially searching for a specific value the found values will be highlighted automatically and can be selected by pressing the enter key.

Additionally the design has been improved to appear closer to the look of native Jira fields.

28 Jun 23

NEW Added Read Only Mode for Search Fields in JSM

Implemented the functionality to render a search field in read-only mode when JSM (Jira Service Management) is enabled. The search field will appear in read-only format on the Jira issue view and cannot be changed anymore if activated.

27 Jun 23

NEW Added Assignee to the list of possible target fields

Introducing a new feature that allows the assignee of a ticket to be used as a target field in search and dependant fields.

26 May 23

NEW Data Residency - Realm to Realm Migration Support

Enhanced our Data Residency features by introducing support for Realm to Realm migrations. This improvement simplifies the process of moving data between realms, allowing for increased flexibility and control over data management

24 May 23

NEW Dependent Field Behavior Control for Multi-Select-List and Multi-User Picker

Implemented a new feature in Dependent Fields that allows users to define behavior when targeting a multi-select-list or multi-user picker. Refer to our updated documentation for more details on utilizing this new feature.

28 Apr 23

NEW Dark Mode Theme Support Added

The app now offers theme support, including the new dark mode option.

04 Apr 23

NEW Issue Context Module Integration

Replaced the old Glance Module with the new Issue Context Module, now displaying external data fields in organized groups on the right side of issue views.

09 Mar 23

NEW Use Multiple Data Sources in a Converter

Added the ability to use multiple data sources in a converter. This feature enables you to streamline different data source structures into a single format. Now, you can easily align and convert data from multiple sources at once. Check out the updated documentation for more details.

08 Mar 23

NEW Custom Data Source Error Template

Added the ability to define a custom error template for data source related errors in Info Panels. With this feature, you can now create a tailored error message that provides clear guidance to the user on how to resolve the issue.Check out the updated documentation for more details.

03 Mar 23

NEW OAuth 2 Password Grant

While not recommended, OAuth 2 password grant can still be necessary to connect to certain APIs. We have added the ability to set up a data source using OAuth 2 password grant, allowing users to fill this gap and connect to APIs that require this type of grant.

28 Feb 23

NEW Filter Dependent Fields by Issue Type

You can now filter dependent fields by issue type, providing more granular control over their usage and impact.

22 Feb 23

NEW Date Format Functions in Expressions

We have added date format functions to expressions, similar to those available in templates. This update allows for more flexibility and customization when working with dates in expressions. To use the function, simply include the following syntax: { FORMAT_DATE(( $.time 'd' 'en-Us' )) }

06 Feb 23

NEW Selection Limit for Search Fields

Administrators can now set a limit on the number of selections that can be made in search fields. This feature provides more control over the search functionality and ensures that users only select the most relevant options.

01 Feb 23

IMPROVEMENT Improved Handling of Duplicate Selections in Search Field

We now prevent duplicate selections in the search field, resulting in a more streamlined and accurate user experience.

25 Jan 23

FIX External Search Field

We have fixed an issue where an unsearchable data source would cause issues with selection and deselection. This fix ensures a smoother and more reliable user experience when interacting with the Search External Field

02 Dec 22

NEW Advanced Tables for Templates

Add advanced interaction table controls to your HTML templates like pagination, sortable columns and search. See more details in the Advanced Tables.

02 Dec 22

NEW Expression Builder

We improved the already existing JsonPath builder in which you can easily click trough your JSON results and generate a JsonPath. Now you can build complex expressions with the help of suggestions and examples.

Shows button which opens the Expression Builder

28 Nov 22

NEW Change dependant field refresh interval

Dependent fields update their targets in the background. To get notified about a change in the background the apps looks for changes while a user is in the issue view. The default interval for this check is 10 seconds. So the range of time it takes until the dependant field shows on screen may take from ~ 3 to 10 seconds max.

To improve this behaviour you can decrease the interval time down to 5 seconds in the Settings > UI Configuration section.

28 Nov 22

NEW Add dependant field error notifications
In the Settings section you can determine if you want to receive error notifications for dependant fields. If activated, you’ll receive an email right after an error happens – but only once a day to prevent spam.

20 Nov 22

NEW JavaScript Converter Data Source

With this new feature, you can use JavaScript to convert and extract data from any of your existing data sources. This can be especially helpful if the structure of your data source requires advanced functionality to prepare and output data optimally for your use case. See more details in the documentation.

05 Nov 22

IMPROVEMENT Better Template Editor & JSON Highlighting

For editing templates the app now offers a significant better code editor. This helps you write templates in the app instead of an external editor. Also Json will be highlighted better, especially when testing a data source.

24 Aug 22

NEW Trigger Sync by Custom REST API

Added the next custom REST API endpoint that allows you to trigger a Field Option Syncvia an external custom script. See Field - Trigger Field Option Sync for more details.

19 Aug 22

NEW Snowflake SQL connector

Added a dedicated Snowflake SQL connector. Create a data source of type Database and select Snowflake as a driver to get started.

15 Aug 22

NEW VerifyCA and VerifyFull SSL Mode for MySQL

Added MySQL SSL Modes VerifyCA and VerifyFull with the ability to upload the needed certificates. This allows to connect to services like Google SQL with “only allow SSL connections” enabled.

03 Aug 22

IMPROVEMENT Dynamic Pagination Limit

Added a more dynamic pagination page limit to cover more API use cases.
Below 10.000 items the page limit is set to 20 and above 10.000 items the page limit is set to 6.

13 July 22

NEW Default Value for Dependant Fields

Added the ability to define a default value for dependant fields. In case you don’t want to leave dependant fields blank. The default value will be used in case of an empty result or a missing dependency

05 July 22


Added the first custom REST API endpoint that allows you to update a file type data source via an external custom script. See Custom External REST API for more details.

01 July 22

NEW Paginated Data Source

Added a new type of data source that lets you dynamically paginate over already created data sources. See Paginated Data Source for more details.

01 June 22

NEW Custom Auth Header

For data sources of type Rest/URL we added a dedicated Custom Auth Header authentication method that adds another encryption layer at rest. In addition the saved secret will not be readable again.

25 May 22

NEW Custom Delete Protection Threshold

Field Options Sync and Asset fields are getting a custom delete protection threshold in case you need to delete more items than the fixed 10% that was allowed before.

How to setup a threshold

03 May 22

NEW JsonPath Builder BETA

We are excited to start the JsonPath builder BETA in which you can easily click trough your JSON results and generate a JsonPath. You find this after each field that expects a JsonPath.

How to start the JsonPath Builder

25 March 22

NEW Joining the Cloud Fortified program

We're excited to announce that our app External Data for Jira Fields is now part of the Atlassian Cloud Fortified program, meeting the highest standard of reliability, security and support for our customers.

23 February 22

NEW Added Field Configuration Drafts

You can now save unfinished field configurations as a draft to save them in a later stage. This is especially useful in cases where you forgot to create or remember the ID of a customfield. Keep in mind that drafts are only visible to you and not to your teammates.

17 February 22

NEW Added Data Residency Support

The app now supports US and EU regions for data residency.. Visit our Data Residency section for more information.

20 December 21

NEW Added External Search Use Case

With this update you can now use an external search endpoint with a Search Field. This improves situations where the original data set is very large and not all data row can be loaded at once.

10 December 21

NEW Added select-list multiple choice as Target Field

With dependant fields you can now use select list with multiple choice as target field. Keep in mind that a dependant field will only add to already present selected values. So clearing values will not be possible with this target.

19 November 21

NEW Added IBM Db2 data source support

Now you can connect to an IBM Db2 database with a minimum version of 11.5.6 or later

1 November 21

NEW Added option to enforce visibility of search fields on the issue view

Now you are able to make a search field visible by default on the issue view instead of activating the panel manually first. You find this option in the settings tab. From there you can activate this feature globally.

15 October 21

IMPROVEMENTS Filter Improvements

When using filters in search fields or info panels you can now see the project key for each issue type or request type to make filters more usable in general. Especially when you have a lot of entities that have the same name. We also added issue type filter support for epics and sub-tasks.

07 October 21


We spent some time improving the user experience for admins and ironed out some issues along the way.

30 September 21

IMPROVEMENTS Search Field performance improvements

By changing the way we store search field selections in issue properties we removed unnecessary roundtrips to the data source and therefor improved the performance at load time significantly.

7 September 21

NEW Added custom parameters and credentials mode for OAuth 2 authentication

Some services need specific parameters to get an access token or need to send the credentials as Basic Auth header instead of in the body. Now you can add service specific parameters easily in the configuration of your data source.

30 August 21

NEW Added helper function to strip & decode HTML

You can now strip & decode HTML from results, but keep the line breaks intact.

{ STRIP_HTML(( $.myValueWithHTML )) }
{ DECODE_HTML(( $.myValueWithHTML )) }
{ STRIP_HTML(( DECODE_HTML(( $.myValueWithHTML )) )) }

17 August 21

NEW Added project context support for field options sync

You can now target different project contexts of the same Jira customfield. This allows you to display different field selection options for different projects without creating multiple fields.

15 August 21

NEW Added filters for field configuration

The field configurations can now be filtered by status, type or project. This is especially useful if you have many field configurations and want to keep a clear overview.

July 21

IMPROVEMENT Performance improvements

Under-the-hood improvements that will contribute to a stable and more scalable service.

9 June 21

NEW Added issue type filter support

The visibility of search fields and info panels can be controlled by issue types

2 June 21

NEW CSV support for data source of type File

You can now use CSV files as a data source when using the File type. Make sure the file has the appropriate .csv extension.

25 May 21

NEW Force alphabetical sorting on Field Options Sync

By default the sorting of the data source will be replicated exactly. But in case you cannot control how the data is delivered by the data source you can now force an alphabetical sorting in ascending or descending order.

24 May 21

NEW JSM support for “Read and write ID” behaviour of search fields

In search fields you can use the target field as input as well when selecting the target behaviour Read and write ID. Support for JSM was added so this behaviour can now be used in JSM as well.

21 May 21

IMPROVEMENT JSM with Search Fields Improvements

Improved the performance of search fields in a JSM setting by restructuring.

11 May 21

NEW Search field target field support for numbers

Search fields are now able to target Jira custom fields of type number.

3 May 21

CHANGE Increased timeout limitation for data sources from 20 to 30 seconds.

The number of customers with data sources running into timeouts increased over time. By increasing the timeout to 30 seconds a data source has now more time to respond.

30 April 21

FIX Template rendering issues when using specific reserved keywords like count

26 April 21

IMPROVEMENT Increased security for database communication in combination with variables

23 April 21

NEW MultiUserPicker support for dependant fields

You can now use a MultiUserPicker field as a target field when setting up dependant fields. Users are added to the UserPicker without removing any existing User set previously or by another dependant field.

14 April 21

NEW Oracle is now supported as a data source

You can now use Oracle as a data source. The client requires network encryption to be available on the database for an encrypted connection.

23 March 21

NEW Template Helper Function to handle line breaks

In case you have a text that contains line breaks like \n or \r\n and want to display those line breaks in an InfoPanel you can use the following syntax to do so.

{{ SearchReplace field '\n''<br>' }}

22 March 21

IMPROVEMENT Search Field redesign

The following improvements have been made in the redesign of the search field:

  • Simpler design for single selection fields

  • More inline with the JSM user interface

  • More visible elements during the search

  • Better error display

15 March 21

NEW SSL support for port 8080 & 8008

SSL is now also supported for the ports 8080 & 8008 when using REST API urls in a data source

10 March 21

NEW Jira mobile app support

Search Fields and Info Panels are now supported in the Jira mobile app. They have to be positioned on with Glance (right side). See Search Field and Info Panel for more details

8 March 21

NEW Support select list custom field types as a search field target

A search field can now also target Jira native select list types. Supported are:

  • Select List (single & multi)

  • Radiobuttons

  • Ceckboxes

FIX Reauthentication a Salesforce data source while configuration keeps existing URL

1 March 21

NEW Allow delete option in asset fields

Now you can select or deselect the synchronisation behaviour regarding the deletion of assets

NEW Protection against deleting too many elements for asset fields

To prevent accidental deletion of assets if the data source does not provide all assets, we only allow deletion of 10% of the assets at a time.

24 February 21

NEW Nested dependant field support

Using multiple dependant fields that have dependencies setup between them now work with a single issue event. Dependant Field

NEW Ordering for dependant fields

Using multiple dependant fields demands to control the order of processing. Dependant Field

22 February 21

NEW Expression syntax support in variables

When using a datasource with just a variable query you now can use the expression syntax in a field configuration to build complex queries like

Select * from table where key = '{$.issue.key}'

12 February 21

NEW Email notifications for sync errors

Get notfified in case of errors in fields. You receive an email immediately after an error happens, but only once a day. You find this feature in the settings section.


  • Jan 21: Allow clearing dependant fields if dependency is missing or empty

  • Jan 21: Added regex match functions to resolver

  • Dec 20: Migrated sync fields to use native API -> no more API Token necessary

  • Nov 20: Integrated new and more complete documentation

  • Oct 20: Added project filter for dependant fields

  • Oct 20: Added AUI-tabs & expander support for templates

  • Sep 20: Added search field description field

  • Sep 20: Added template functions to format dates

  • Sep 20: Ability to easily copy data sources

  • Sep 20: Added email-to-accountID resolver

  • Aug 20: Added auto update for dependant fields

  • Jul 20: Added shortcut in top navigation

  • Jun 20: Added search field behavior option

  • Jun 20: Added dependant field update conditions

  • May 20: OAuth2: added client credentials flow 

  • May 20: Search field: added value label option 

  • Mar 20: Added user context

  • Mar 20: JsonPath extension with context expressions

  • Mar 20: JSM create request support

  • Mar 20: Content (left) panel in Issue View for search fields and panels

  • Feb 20: Added custom error template for issue panels

  • Jan 20: Added optional dependency syntax

  • Jan 20: Added dynamic variables for database queries and post body field

  • Nov 19: Cascading dictionary option sync with ID mapping

  • Okt 19: Added auth method - OAuth 2

  • Sep 19: Added custom panel positioning

  • Sep 19: Added data source caching

  • Aug 19: Static IP for all data sources

  • Aug 19: Multiselect for search fields

  • Jul 19: Project filter for search field & info panel

  • Jun 19: Salesforce as data source support

  • Jun 19: Added use case - asset field 

  • Jun 19: Added list & dictionary sorted sync

  • Mai 19: Added use case - search field 

  • Apr 19: Database support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL

  • Apr 19: Added feature - merge multiple data sources to form a new single source of data

  • Apr 19: Example Data for a better start

  • Apr 19: Added feature - combine fields in dictionary type

  • Mar 19: Added use case - info panel with HTML templating for real time custom fields

  • Mar 19: Cascading field option sync with children lists

  • Mar 19: Dictionary field option sync with unique ID mapping

  • Feb 19: Added auth method - Bearer Token

  • Feb 19: Added data source type: Local Jira (REST API)

  • Feb 19: Improve data source with POST method

  • Feb 19: Added fixed IP by proxy for data source

  • Feb 19: Added auth method - NTLM

  • Jan 19: Support for more custom field types

  • Jan 19: Added use case - synchronise value list with custom field options

  • Jan 19: Release External Data for Jira Fields

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