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Prime Select List (deep cascading)

Similar to the Select List (cascading) Jira standard field, except that it provides a deep hierarchical structure with no depth limitation, instead of being limited to two levels.

Only one value allowed

Multiple values allowed

One value screenshot
Multiple values screenshot


Please note that configuring this field is mandatory to define available values.

Field configuration

Effects of Changing the Configuration

When changing the configuration, issue values previously set that do not match with the new configuration will not be automatically adjusted.

For example, using the configuration above, an issue might have the value “Vehicle - Car - Audi - A4” set. If the entry “A4” is renamed to “A4 Avant”, the issue will still have the value “Vehicle - Car - Audi - A4” set (including in JQL search).

However, when editing the value in the issue again, the value “A4 Avant” will be selected instead of “A4”. If you then save the new value, the issue will show “Vehicle - Car - Audi - A4 Avant” (including in JQL search).

The behavior is similar when deleting and moving options within the configuration, as well as switching from “Allow multiple values” to “Only one value”.

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