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Clone a Jira project including the board

Cloning boards in company-managed projects is possible via Advanced Project Clone.

With Project Clone it is possible to clone entire Jira projects, including project settings, issues, components, and versions, and with Advanced Project Clone it’s also possible to clone boards of company-managed projects.

You can clone all issues on your scrum on the Kanban board in bulk with Bulk Clone.

Unfortunately, Jira currently doesn’t offer the necessary interfaces for us to clone all board settings. As a workaround, we recommend the Jira Copy board function.

In your Jira instance, go to Any project > Project board > View all

Sprint Board with VIEW ALL marked under OTHER BOARDS

In the board view: Click on the Action menu ··· next to the board > Copy

Notice: A copy of the board is created

  • Click on the Action menu ··· of the board that was created

  • Click Move

  • Select the new project you have created with the Deep Clone Project Clone or manually.

Shows board Action menu

  • Go to the Backlog or the Kanban board for the board copy

  • Click on the Action menu ··· on the top right

  • Go to Board settings > General

  • Change the filter to the target project or click on Edit filter Query to edit the filter to display issues of the target project.

Editing the default filter of the cloned board will also edit the filter of the original board.

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