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Advanced Project Clone

Advanced Project Clone allows you to

  • Clone team-managed projects

  • Clone boards in company-managed projects

In order to do this, we need to use internal Jira APIs that are usually not available to apps like Deep Clone. This is why we need additional Jira admin user credentials provided in the Deep Clone configuration.

Please navigate to Jira Settings ⚙ > Apps > Deep Clone > Advanced Project Clone to get started. Afterward, Deep Clone is able to

  • Clone team-managed projects (see Project Clone to get started)

  • Clone boards when a company-managed project is cloned

Known Limitations

Team-managed projects:

  • Team-managed Jira Service Management (JSM) projects cannot be cloned yet.

  • Cloning board configurations is not yet available for team-managed projects.

  • Cloning Jira automation rules is not yet available. You can read more about sharing automation rules across projects in the Atlassian community.

  • Workflow transition rules may have issues after cloning, e.g. when using roles in the “Restrict who can move an issue” rule.

Board in company-managed projects

  • Board configurations for company-managed projects can sometimes not be adjusted automatically, e.g. if the board filter JQL does not include the project key of the source project.

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