Global Permissions

At the bottom, you will find:

“Deep Clone for Jira - Single/Epic Clone
  • Granted to all users by default.

  • You can also grant the project permission instead. Either global or project permissions are needed, not both.

“Deep Clone for Jira - Bulk Clone
  • Granted to all users by default.

“Deep Clone for Jira - Project Clone
  • Granted to all administrators by default, but can be extended to other users as well.

  • Note that no further permissions are needed to clone projects, so you can allow non-admin users to clone projects.

Project Permissions

  • Navigate to the company-managed project you wish to clone issues to

  • Navigate to Project Settings > Permissions > Actions > Edit Permissions

  • Give all needed permissions to the appropriate users

“Browse Projects”
  • Needed to be able to select the project during Deep Clone configuration.

“Deep Clone for Jira - Single/Epic Clone”
  • Can use Deep Clone for Jira and sees the Deep Clone button in this project.

  • A user with this permission will be able to access Deep Clone for Jira (Single/Epic Clone) for all issues within the projects using this permission scheme, no matter how global permissions are configured.